Wednesday, August 19, 2015

one day, i wanna get self-confidence in true meaning.

since i realized that I'm not pretty as i expected, always i feel like I'm not enough.

and the largest issue is i couldn't accept that i have very negative thinking about myself.

because its been  my wish to be “healthy person” in every way.

but i am not obviously.

the funny point is I'm really good at faking to be “healthy girl” I'm totally a mess and disaster though.

but at least i didn't hurt my friends for selfish reasons, i did to my ex though.

I'm okay even I'm not healthy, but its my problem and business, i really don't want to make my friends to worry about me and feel like insecure for no reason.

so i just keep faking it. i don't think its bad. its best choice i can.

and i can stay strong. even its faking, it could be real one.

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